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Leah: Herga's Wrath

Evil never sleeps, nor does it ever forgets...

Little Leah of Bellenor discovers the truth on her journey back home, escaping the evil lair of Herga Crowe. Taken away from her parents in a land far far away, Leah finds herself in the clutches of the minions of Herga. Elmo, the spirit of nature is by her side to guide her home, but she must find her inner strength and courage to push through.

Fate of Leah and of Bellenor, depend on her discovering who she really. A coming-of-age tale filled with a lot of danger and challenges.

But without challenges, there is no adventure!
Help Leah to find her way home, and defeat Herga Crowe.

Here is our character design for the main player character called " Leah"

Here is our main enemy character "Herga Crowe"

Here is our 1st minion character "Coco Minion 1"

Here is our 2nd minion character "Minion 2"

Here is our 3rd minion character "Troll"

Testing Screen Shot

Testing Screen Shot