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Lego Batman | Endless Engines Submission

My submission for the Endless Engines.
Within the DC superhero dimension of the Lego multiverse, Batman protects Gotham City and fights crime. During his last mission to stop the Joker from destroying the city, Batman succeeds but also hurts Joker on so many levels. This time Joker and other Gotham supervillains decided to attack the city in the bright daytime. Now Batman had to come out during the daytime to fight against the villains and end of the day, he successfully saved the city.
When I first saw the video of Endless Engines Challenge by Pwnisher, I decided to do a lego scene similar to The Lego Movie. I already had a Lego Batmobile and a Lego Batman model which I have created in 2017. So I change The Lego Movie scene to a Lego Batman scene. I have set up the scene in Blender according to the rules given earlier, and also finalized the animations and some surface imperfections. Then I downloaded some premade lego city models from and added them to the scene. Started the lighting with an HDRI and did some test renders. Later I replaced the HDRI with a Sky texture and changed some values to match the lighting like in The Lego Movie. Then I render everything in Blender Cycles. And finally, I composite the renders in after effects and got the output you see right now.